I was an editor at LinkedIn from 2012 to 2020, starting as a temp curator and rising to be right hand to the editor-in-chief, in charge of our international expansion.

I joined the platform very early and was instrumental in building its editorial vision, particularly in developing its reach beyond the US and the English language. I built and lead our team of 30+ international editors around the globe, developing an expertise in management, editorial strategy, international growth and product thinking. But for years I also wrote a daily round-up of top business headlines, with just enough back-of-the-envelope analysis to make it fun, and the occasional column. See them all here.

A few navel-gazing essays about my time there:

Some stories and interviews

Coverage of my work at LinkedIn

Over the years, I had the opportunity to both appear in media as a LinkedIn journalist and to discuss our work building a newsroom inside a tech company. Some highlights…

  • The most in-demand employers in the UK and Europe, CNBC [April 2019]
  • LinkedIn brings back human editors, Wired [June 2015]
  • Inside the LinkedIn Newsroom, Global Editors Network [January 2019]
  • Why LinkedIn wants to make original journalism, The Drum [June 2018]
  • LinkedIn muscle son journalisme taillé sur mesure, Les Echos [August 2018]
  • Recrutement: la force de persuasion, la qualité à ajouter sur son CV, France Info [February 2019]


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