Hi, I’m Isabelle Roughol.

Hi, I’m Isabelle Roughol.

I’m an entrepreneurial journalist, a media artisan, the host of Borderline and founder of One Lane Bridge. You might know me as once the international editor of LinkedIn. I’ve been a product director. A people manager. A newspaper editor. A foreign correspondent. A local reporter. A film producer. A writer. A podcaster. An entrepreneur.

I live, write and record from London. (In a normal world) I make frequent stops in New York and Paris. I’ll travel anywhere else to speak and teach. I’m French but you can’t really hear it. I’m good at leading people and a decent writer too. I’ll probably never choose between business and art. If you want the full CV, check me out on LinkedIn.

Where I've worked and learned

Click through for portfolio.

I've written freelance for:

I've consulted or taught with the Newmark School of Journalism at City University New York, Index Ventures, Financial Times Strategies, Cognizant... You can get a sense of some of my experitse in these talks I gave: on building a journalism career inside tech companies, on information overload and burnout in the industry or on growing non-English audiences around the world.

I graduated summa cum laude from the Missouri School of Journalism in 2008.

What I stand for.

I work at the intersection of tech and media, editorial and product, entrepreneurialism and management. I am driven to transform our industry for the future, develop and mentor our people, build compassionate and innovative organizational cultures, and put readers and communities at the center of it all. I love strategy and leadership, and I also still love to get my hands dirty and produce journalism.

My career has been about building bridges between countries and industries. I love translating between worlds that don’t understand one another, which is really just an extension of my first love as a foreign reporter. I’ve lived in the US, UK, Australia, Cambodia and France. I believe that borders are gateways to new discoveries and friendships, not walls that divide us.

What I do.

I founded and produce Borderline, a podcast, newsletter and site for defiant global citizens, and develop it as a niche media community.

I consult in media innovation, newsroom leadership and editorial strategy. My projects are in three main areas.

  • I teach and mentor journalism students and executives, with an emphasis on compassionate management, audience-centricity and product thinking.
  • I assist teams and managers through rapid expansion, especially internationally, including hiring, establishing or maintaining culture, and managing across countries.
  • I develop LinkedIn content strategies, with deep insider knowledge of the platform. I work only with select clients who can add true value to the community. I’ve worked too hard building it.

I serve as a trustee on the board of the Public Interest News Foundation.

I’m supposed to be writing a book proposal.

In the press

You might have also run into me at TED, Newsgeist, Hacks/Hackers London, the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (every year, bring it back!), GEN Summit or WAN-Ifra. Love conferences and can’t wait to return to them. Talk to me about speaking at yours.

Hire me.

If you’re interested in working together, reach out at isa@isabelleroughol.com.

I’m committed to current projects and have a full plate, but I always have an open ear for opportunities in newsroom leadership. I’m curious to find out what the next thing that keeps me up at night will be.



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