A podcast for defiant global citizens covering immigration, identity, belonging and what home even meansWith host Isabelle Roughol, an independent journalist who's lived, worked and filled out immigration forms on four continents

Urgent topics,
slow chats

How will climate change and demographics reshuffle human geography? What comes after the nation-state? What can globalists learn from nationalists? What is it like to live on an ostracised passport, undocumented or without a nationality at all? Why has immigration enforcement got so nasty? Borderline answers pressing, contemporary questions without yielding to the pressure of the breaking news cycle.

Expert guests,
nuanced conversations

Authors, academics, policymakers, journalists, immigrants themselves... our guests know their stuff and have lived through it. Borderline takes the time for in-depth, nuanced conversations on the work of their life. We'll never have enough of the experts here.

A host who's been through it

I'm Isabelle Roughol, an independent journalist who's lived on four continents. An immigrant, a returnee, an immigrant again, an exchange student, a global executive... I've worn all the hats. I nerd out on nuanced conversations, understanding systemic issues and connecting worlds that don't understand one another. People struggle to identify where I come from, and I like it that way. I bring my life experience and global perspective to the issues of the day. I'm never partisan, but I'm not neutral either.

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